Guidelines for the Authors

Tiro – The Journal of Professional Reporting and Transcription is an online open access journal published by Intersteno (International Federation for Information and Communication Processing).

Topics: The topics of the journal include all fields of speech capturing, speech-to-text reporting and transcription. These include (but are not limited to):

  • techniques and technologies: shorthand, machine stenography, automatic speech recognition, respeaking etc.
  • professions: parliamentary and court reporting, forensic transcription, speech-to-text interpreting, transcription for academic purposes etc.
  • training: teaching philosophies, pedagogical techniques, training programs, course plans etc.
  • academic perspectives: reporting principles, transcription analysis, methodological comparisons etc.
  • events and literature: conference reports, book reviews etc.

Style: The manuscripts offered to Tiro should be practical (or at least with practical applicability) and to the point, with a professional focus on reporting and transciption. For textual details, see our Stylesheet.

Language: The language of all articles in Tiro is English. We provide free language correction for all articles that are accepted for publication.

Length: The articles in Tiro should not exceed the length of 1000 words.

File type: Please send your text in text, RTF or MS Word format.