Journalistic principles: By offering a paper to be published in Tiro, you commit to our journalistic principles:

  • Online and open access: We are an online and open access journal. All the articles published in Tiro are allowed free distribution, citation and download within our Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
  • Copyright: Following our open-access policy (see above), the authors have an unrestricted copyright and publishing rights over their texts. In case of republishing material originally published in Tiro, the authors promises to include an acknowledgement of the original publication in the new publication.
  • Rights of publication: The manuscripts are evaluated in the editorial staff based on the suitability of their topics and style, and the quality of their contents. The editors reserve the right not to publish an article that according to them does not meet the standards of the journal.
  • Authorship: All the people who have contributed to the making of the article must be clearly expressed and acknowledged.
  • Ethical policy: In its ethical policy, Tiro follows the Best Practice Guidelines of COPE – Committee on Publication Ethics (
  • Originality: All texts submitted to Tiro should be original and previously unpublished.
  • Correctness: The authors are responsible for that the claims in the article are correct. If the authors become aware of errors in their article, they promise to inform the editors about them without delay.
  • Citation policy: When the authors use text or ideas by another authors, these sources should be clearly acknowledged and cited in the text. Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Privacy policy: Tiro website collects some data on its visitors. It uses tracking counters (Statcounter & Google Analytics) in order for us to monitor the use and usability of this site. From the people that have order the Tiro Newsletter, we have asked to get their full name and e-mail address. This personal information will only be used for there purposes, and it will not be shared with a third party. If you wish that we remove your personal information from our records, please contact us via e-mail at