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The issue covers a wide range of topics from accessibility to automatic speech recognition.

This day marks the launch of the website and the publication of the first issue of Tiro – The journal of professional reporting and transcription. Our first issue can be accessed here.

The issue consists of an editorial, seven concise articles and a science column. The themes of the first issue include accessibility, automatic speech recognition, diamesic translation, journalistic quotes, live subtitling, machine stenography, and the future of parliamentary reporting.

We want to welcome everyone to read the first issue and to give us feedback on our web page and on the issue. Please do not hesitate to voice your thoughts on the comment section below, or via e-mail at tiro[at]

We wish to thank our webmaster Emrah Kuyumcu for all the hard work with establishing the web page and dealing with the technical details of publishing the first issue. We also wish to extend our thanks to the language professionals at the House of Lords Hansard department, UK, who have done the sub-editing for the issue.

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