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Within the field of professional reporting and transcription, there are five upcoming conferences that are open for registration.

The conferences cover a variety of perspectives to reporting and transcription, ranging from accessibility to diamesic translation. Below, you can find short presentations of the upcoming events.

6-9 August 2020 in Orlando, Florida, United States: NCRA Conference & Expo is an international conference for professionals in court reporting, captioning and legal videography. Besides the conference program, the event provides opportunities to take part in different credentialing exams and contests. (For more information, see:

8-9 October 2020 in Bordeaux, France: DIAMESIC 5 – 5th Intersteno Conference on parliamentary and other professional reporting, captioning, and accessibility is an international conference of diamesic translation, encompassing all intralingual professions that deal with turning speech into writing. These fields of profession include, for example, parliamentary and court reporting, live and pre-recorded captioning, and all forms of accessibility in live events. A special focus will be on editorial, physical and digital challenges in these professions. Due to the global pandemic, it is also possible to participate in the conference remotely online. (For more information, see:

5-6 November 2020, online: 7th International Symposium on Live Subtitling and Accessibility is an online conference for professionals, users, trainers, and researchers in the field. The themes of the conference include, for example, the quality of real-time subtitles, the comparison of different live subtitling techniques, automatic and semi-automatic live subtitling, interlingual live subtitling, live and multimedia reporting, the pedagogy of live subtitling, new technological developments, and live editing in cinema, TV, theatres, opera, sports and parliaments. (For more information, see:

14-16 December 2020 in Berlin, Germany: Languages and the Media: The 13th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media discusses the recent trends in audiovisual localisation. The topics of the conference include, for example, changing working conditions, new work processes, innovative tools, emerging models and good practices in language transfer and audiovisual localisation. The theme for the conference is “Riding the wave” which refers to embracing new opportunities in the field. (For more information, see:

27-29 January 2021 in Barcelona, Spain: Media for All 9 is a conference on audiovisual translation and media accessibility. The conference welcomes all stakeholders, such as researchers, developers, analysts, audiences and business leaders, to present their findings, developments, ideas and experiences on the field. Particular focus will be on the technological, social, financial and academic impact of these phenomena. The conference discusses, for example, new workflows and new technologies that will initiate lasting changes in the professions. (For more information, see:

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