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The third edition of Tiro is out now and packed with interest for professionals involved in speech-to-text reporting. This month’s authors explore topics from peer and customer feedback to the unique challenges of transcription as part of the criminal justice process. Contributors from the UK House of Commons explain the aims and structure of the postgraduate diploma in parliamentary reporting, while a report from the Kyoto University School of Informatics delves into the potential for, limitations of and many issues raised by ongoing developments in automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our profession. This edition of Tiro shares insights from both the UK and Finnish Parliaments on how their reporting systems and processes have coped, and from one freelance court stenographer whose lifestyle has changed dramatically.

As ever, do get in touch via with your comments or ideas for future editions of the journal, or if you have any news for the website.

  • Luigi Zambelli

    Congratulation for this new project. I am very interesting in receiving your documents and to stay in contact with professionals.
    Luigi Zambelli

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