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Speech-to-text reporters and speed-writing professionals will soon have access to a new suite of qualifications, following an agreement between Intersteno and the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

The May 2021 agreement, through which Intersteno – the global federation for those in the fields of speech-reporting and text production – became an ECQA-certified exam organization, marked a milestone in ongoing co-operation between the two organisations. The qualifications have been developed over the year since then to help nurture awareness, recognition and quality in new and emerging areas of work.

First to be issued will be an Intersteno-ECQA certificate in intralingual real-time subtitling, a role developed and recognised through the EU-funded Live Text Access project. This will be followed by certificates in the three key Intersteno activity areas of reporting, text and information processing, and secretariat work. The practical components of the exams will be offered through existing competitions held regularly through Intersteno conferences.

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